There are a few other sites that I use or have used to find information – these seem to get easier to find the longer I’m here so I’ll add to this as and when I find more. (Also, if you are doing something like this yourself please get in touch so that I can add you too.)

Island Folklore

An online repository of Taiwan’s folktales, legends, myths and traditions.

This one isn’t at all related to hiking, however it is a wonderful source of information regarding the stories that have shaped Taiwan.

Hiking Taiwan

A guide to hiking and all things outdoors in Taiwan. 

This blog hasn’t been updated for a while but there’s a lot on here and the author is still busy doing similar things with a company called Taiwan Adventure which organises group hikes and the like. There’s a comprehensive list of all the hikes this person has done with some information about the practicalities of each.

New Taipei City Government Hiking Trails

A pretty big list of hikes all over the New Taipei City area which can be search by length, district and trail type. Be prepared for some interesting English.

Off the Beaten Track

Exploring Taiwan’s less trodden paths. 

This is an extensive and well organised catalogue of pretty much everything outdoorsy from the person who has literally written the guidebook(s) for exploring Taiwan.


I’ve worked on the last two Lonely Planet guides for Taiwan but wanted to do more to help promote this island as a hiking destination. Taiwan offers more hikes, on more varied terrain, within one compact region, than almost anywhere else in the world. These are a few of my rambles.

This one hasn’t been updated for quite some time, but the information contained in the posts is useful and interesting.

Taiwan Everything

Taiwan Everything is a guide to traveling and living in Taiwan. Our aim is to give you a good idea about what amazing Taiwan is like.

A site with a wide range of Taiwan-related information, (as you would hope from the name). I’ve linked to the hiking page here, but there’s a whole host of other content to explore.

Taiwan Photography Blog

Taiwan photographer Neil Wade’s blog about Taiwan, photography and traveling.

Ostensibly a photography blog, but one that contains plenty of inspiration for hiking and interesting locations around Taiwan. The author has worked with the person behind Hiking Taiwan to make online guides to Taiwan and an app – which unfortunately seems to have gone offline.

Taiwan Hikes

Here I am posting all of the hikes I have done in Taiwan so that others can hike them as well.

This site was only updated a for short time – there’s a couple of Taipei based hikes on here.

Taiwan Scene

We publish stories introducing readers to the culture, scenery and travel possibilities of our homeland, articles to help travelers make the most of their time in Taiwan, and occasional interviews with movers and shakers from Taiwan’s ever-expanding creative scene.

This modern and magazine-style website has well-written information about a few hikes around Taiwan. More than that, they have information about culture and festivals, urban exploration and exhibitions, as well as information about different places and tips for living in Taiwan. They manage to get below the surface and deliver some more interesting information than you find on other sites doing a similar thing.

Taiwan Secrets

My name is Ugo, and I am originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve had the chance to explore most corners of Formosa by motorbike, car, public transportation, and even hitchhiking. 

Made bY the guy responsible for Pizza Rock, this isn’t the easiest site to navigate, but it does avoid the Taipei bias that most blogs (including mine), seem to have.

Taiwan’s Waterfalls

A guide to all of the waterfalls (and some hikes) in Taiwan (and a few outside) that I’ve visited.

A wealth of information on the waterfalls of Taiwan and how to get there.

Taoyuan City Government – Attractions 

The Taoyuan area’s list of government sanctioned ‘leisure walks’. You can also use this page to search a wide range of other attractions (including 13 different factory tours and three farms – one of which offers a rose garden which exhibits romance and competitive cup stacking). They give a lot of background detail about the locations which is pretty interesting. And the English is mostly not bad.



If you have any other good resources, please let me know and I’ll include them here,.