festival calendar 


TAIPEI ARTS FESTIVAL (august to september)

TAIPEI FESTIVAL OF ARTS (august to september)

MIGRATION MUSIC FESTIVAL (september to october)


TAIPEI / TAICHUNG / KAOHSIUNG INTERNATIONAL QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (october / october to novemebr / november)
taipei arts festival
taipei festival of arts

Similarly named and similar in remit, this three-month festival is hosted between March and May by the National Theatre and Concert Hall. I missed the 2017 festival because I hadn’t worked out where to find this kind of information yet, but the sorts of things on offer look similar in calibre to what you get at the bigger Hong Kong performing arts festivals. 


taipei international film festival

A two-weeks festival of films from around the world – held in June or July each year. Having English subtitles is a prerequisite for films’ entry into the program, so all films should be subtitled unless otherwise stated. 

taipei international queer film festival

TIQFF has been held every autumn since 2014 and screens films with a LBGTQI theme. All non-English films have english subtitles unless otherwise stated. The festival migrates south, holding events in Kaoshiung and Taichung after the Taipei screenings have finished.

taipei world music festival

There’s not so much information online about this one – but if you’re not into K-pop, J-pop or Mandarin-speaking balladeers, this October event might be more up your street.

tua-tiu-tian international festival of arts 


A location based celebration of new art in various forms. It has been held annually in October since its inception in 2015. Works include dance, photography, crafts, theatre, lectures, (and more going on how they describe it).