firefly spotting in taipei on hushan (虎山的印火蟲)

You don't need to travel to the remote mountains of central Taiwan to experience the magic of seeing fireflies lighting up the evening forest. Hushan has a trail within walking distance of the MRT which is adapted for firefly viewing in peak season. If you visit Taiwan in April or May, you should definitely set aside an evening to step into this enchanting realm of fireflies, night birds and noisy frogs.


elephant mountain, thumb mountain and 95 peak on the nangang mountain trail (南港山佈道: 象山>拇指山>九五峰)

Escape the hoards of tourists taking selfies at that most famous of Taipei's scenic views by exploring beyond elephant mountain. This easy route takes you higher to muzhi mountain and 95 peak, all the while offering great vantage points and lots of hidden shrines to discover.