I spent a few years in Hong Kong and whilst there developed a love of hiking. Hong Kong hikers are truly spoilt for wonderful, accessible trails and, more importantly, information on how to access them. The information I found online gave me the support I needed to get out exploring safely – the best amongst them being this site, (the format of which you might notice I have rather shamelessly ripped off -because of how helpful I found it – with extra space for my obsession with detail), and the government hiking website which is a good starting point but lacking in detail. The government website also comes as an app version and rather charmingly has a page called “what is hiking“. 

After moving to Taiwan I found it harder to find what I wanted. Actually there are many really good sources but they’re disparate and I find I sometimes have to use a couple of them together to gather all the information I want – so I’ve decided to add what I can by documenting the hikes I do in a way which would be accessible to others. I hope that the information here can be similarly useful for anyone hoping to explore some of the lovely trails Taiwan has to offer.

I’ll also try to do something similar with regards to arts venues and events as and when I work out where they are. 

Remember: be safe and look after the environment so that we can all continue to enjoy it.