wu lai shan to da tong shan (烏來山 / 大桶山)

This challenging, but exceedingly fun route leads you from one of northern Taiwan's most scenic hot spring villages up some steep scrambles with great views over the valley. Remember to bring a towel and you can treat your tired feet to a soak in Wulai's mineral-rich waters at the end of the hike.


hutou shan to liyu lake (虎頭山往裡魚潭)

This little there-and-back in Puli township would make for a perfect romantic afternoon stroll. Start from the top and head down for a lakeside wander and maybe a coffee before making your way uphill in time to catch the sunset as it plays out over the city below.

sun moon lake full cycle loop

For those wishing to experience all of Taiwan in a short time, you could do a lot worse than trying out this loop. As a microcosm of Taiwan it covers almost all the bases: grand temples, spectacular mountain scenery, aboriginal culture, bustling old streets and well crafted tourist experiences, (and of course sharing the road with motorists who view traffic rules as optional).

firefly spotting in taipei on hushan (虎山的印火蟲)

You don't need to travel to the remote mountains of central Taiwan to experience the magic of seeing fireflies lighting up the evening forest. Hushan has a trail within walking distance of the MRT which is adapted for firefly viewing in peak season. If you visit Taiwan in April or May, you should definitely set aside an evening to step into this enchanting realm of fireflies, night birds and noisy frogs.