bijia ridge to erge shan (筆架連峰)

If you've ever travelled to Yilan on Freeway Number 5, you might have glanced right just before you entered the first of the long tunnels and seen a tree-coated ridge running towards the west. If you're like me, that glimpse of intriguingly knobbly peaks and dips might have lead you to wonder what walking possibilities were hidden by the lush green foliage. The answer is the Bijia ridge trail - a strenuous, (but not difficult), and enjoyable trek which offers occasional great views and plenty of fun hiking.


95 peak the scary way (南港山步道2號峭壁)

Think the Nangang mountain range has nothing challenging to offer? Think elephant mountain is the height of excitement? Think again. Hidden between the ridge path of the Nangang trail and the network of small paths around the lower reaches, there are a series of more difficult climbs to tackle. This route incorporates the hardest of them all.

zhi gao zhen trail loop (知高圳O型縱走)

Zhi Gao Zhen is a small canal in Wuri that draws water from Fazi River to irrigate farms in Nantun, Wuri and Dadu. The shaded and well-paved trail stretches from Wuri to Dadu District and with the sound of the water playing as backdrop music, it is a gentle trail, perfect for a weekend stroll with the family. If you have a little more energy, you can turn it into a loop by adding a short scramble up to a low overlook with views over Changhua.

sun moon lake full cycle loop

For those wishing to experience all of Taiwan in a short time, you could do a lot worse than trying out this loop. As a microcosm of Taiwan it covers almost all the bases: grand temples, spectacular mountain scenery, aboriginal culture, bustling old streets and well crafted tourist experiences, (and of course sharing the road with motorists who view traffic rules as optional).